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Your coach development is a journey—not a destination.


And, Becoming a Coach: The Essential ICF Guide is the perfect companion to take with you. This book won’t just help you become a coach, it will guide you to develop and grow your understanding and skills into coach maturity. 

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The 2nd edition of the book contains updated information on the ICF Credentialing requirements, credential exams, and the new accreditation structure.

NOTE: Content is the same for both editions. UK Edition is English-English; International Edition is American-English. 


Tracy Sinclair

is an Executive and Board Level Coach, coach trainer, mentor coach, coaching supervisor and public speaker. She has been an ICF Global Board Director since 2016.

2010-07 Jonathan Passmore.jpg

Jonathan Passmore

is an Executive Coach, and supervisor with more than twenty years experience of coaching leaders, politicians and celebrities. He is also director of Henley Centre for Coaching

About the Authors

"For me, the goal of the book was to try to bring the competencies to life. To take the new framework and look at what this actually means, and what’s behind the words. Not in a technical, rigid way, but how do we move from that into really getting it into our muscle and being able to fly."

Tracy Sinclair, co-author of Becoming a Coach

Whether you are new or practiced, Becoming a Coach: The Essential ICF Guide can help you grow and mature as a coach. Not only does it provide a foundation for coaching and standards set forth by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), but it also takes you deeper into the art and science of coaching.


Authors Tracy Sinclair and Jonathan Passmore bring the updated ICF Core Competencies model to life, going beyond the words to explore how the competencies can truly be applied in a coach’s practice. In doing so, they have demystified the Competencies model and made it more accessible to coaches of all experience levels. 


This book also examines a wide range of coaching models and offers a variety of tools that can be incorporated into practice at any time. In addition to these “extras,” Sinclair and Passmore rightly remind us that the coach—themself—may be the most important tool in their toolbox.

About the Book


Marshall Goldsmith

"Becoming a Coach is the perfect place to start your coach development journey. The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the issues in coaching and offers an essential guide to the new ICF coach competencies for new and developing coaches."

Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach for 10 years

Shweta HandaGupta, MCC

“This is one of those rare books which has something for everyone. One of the most comprehensive guides to becoming a powerful coach, which starts from the basics and takes us to the essentials of mastery.


This book has embraced the complexity of coaching literature, approaches and tools. It has then structured and presented them in a fashion that brings together the chaos to a usable format. I can safely say that this book would offer a new idea, approach or perspective even to the most experienced of coaches.”

Shweta HandaGupta, MCC

Change Leadership Coach

QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions

2018 ICF Global Young Leader Award recipient


"Whether you are becoming a coach—or are a seasoned coach supervisor, mentor, trainer, or educator­—this book is your vital companion. The authors bring decades of experience and research into one powerful resource. Grounded in evidence-based models, plus tools, activities, reflective exercises and more, this book is a must-read!” 

Dr. Laura L. Hauser, MCC, MCEC

Training Director, Team Coaching Operating System®

Faculty, Fielding Graduate University coaching program

Executive Officer,

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