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The Perfect Place to Start

Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach for 10 years

"Becoming a Coach is the perfect place to start your coach development journey. The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the issues in coaching and offers an essential guide to the new ICF coach competencies for new and developing coaches."

A Bright Light to Follow

Dr. Marcia Reynolds, MCC

ICF Global Board Past Chair

Author of Coach the Person, Not the Problem: A Guide to Using Reflective Inquiry

“In this crowded confusing profession called coaching, Sinclair and Passmore have written the guidebook that clears the fog for coaches on their path to coaching excellence. Becoming a Coach clarifies the distinction of coaching and why it is so effective, provides specific practices for embodying a coaching mindset, and is full of tools that will elevate your coaching impact. No matter where you are on your journey, this book will give you a bright light to follow.”

A Wealth of information

Osama Al-Mosa, MCC

Leadership Development Specialist, CCL

Founding President, ICF Jordan Chapter

"This is a very comprehensive textbook to understand professional coaching from internationally recognised specialists. It includes a wealth of information and tools a coach requires at every stage of development and practice."

real, practical examples

Hilary Oliver, PCC

ICF Global Board Chair 2017

Coach, Coach Supervisor, Mentor Coach and Coach Trainer

“I believe that this is the most up-to-date and practical guide for any coach (ICF or otherwise). It provides real, practical examples and offers in-depth understanding of the What, the Who, the How and the Why of coaching, backed up with academic rigour. This is an outstanding resource for any coach, no matter how skilled. The clarity and life Sinclair and Passmore bring to the competencies and approaches to coaching really demystify the science and the art of great coaching practice.”

A Vital Companion

Dr. Laura L. Hauser, MCC, MCEC

Training Director, Team Coaching Operating System®

Faculty, Fielding Graduate University coaching program

Executive Officer,

"Whether you are becoming a coach—or are a seasoned coach supervisor, mentor, trainer, or educator­—this book is your vital companion. The authors bring decades of experience and research into one powerful resource. Grounded in evidence-based models, plus tools, activities, reflective exercises and more, this book is a must-read!” 

Something for Everyone

Shweta HandaGupta, MCC

Change Leadership Coach

QuadraBrain® Transformation Solutions

2018 ICF Global Young Leader Award recipient

"This is one of those rare books which has something for everyone. One of the most comprehensive guides to becoming a powerful coach, which starts from the basics and takes us to the essentials of mastery. 

This book has embraced the complexity of coaching literature, approaches and tools. It has then structured and presented them in a fashion that brings together the chaos to a usable format. I can safely say that this book would offer a new idea, approach or perspective even to the most experienced of coaches."

A Comprehensive resource

Karen Dean, MCC

Coaching Stories: Flowing and Falling of Being a Coach 

Originator of me:my™coach online framework for coaches to self-monitor

Coaching Supervisor

“An impressively grounded, accessible, comprehensive resource for coaches at all levels of experience. The depth of understanding offered provokes insight, shares knowledge, and yet leaves the space to be yourself as a coach.”

Inspiration and Pragmatic Guidance 

Janet M. Harvey, MCC


Accredited Coaching Supervisor

“Discover both inspiration and pragmatic guidance for being fit and sustaining authentic presence as a coach. Explore ways to claim your transcendence from models toward your unique coach expression.”


"In the crowded market of initial coach development publications Becoming A Coach draws together comprehensively all the key strands of how to be an effective coach. The authors have been creative in coming up with a fresh and invigorating approach to core material which extrapolates this into a coherent set of principles and practices for all of us in the coaching profession."

Review by David Love in Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice

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